Wuhan Kebei Technology sponsored Hubei University laboratory work seminar

At 8:30 am on March 11, Hubei University Laboratory Work Seminar and 2022 Annual Meeting was successfully held in Huanggang City, Hubei Province. More than 230 experts and scholars from more than 40 universities in Hubei province, including laboratory, equipment, state assets, educational affairs and other functional departments, laboratory and asset management personnel, laboratory teachers, laboratory technicians and other experts and scholars attended the conference.


1 Organizer

The conference was sponsored by Hubei University Laboratory Work Research Association, hosted by Central China Normal University, co-organized by Huanggang Vocational and Technical College, and sponsored by Wuhan Kebei Technology Co., LTD.

2. Academic reports and school-enterprise exchanges




With the theme of "Construction and Development of University laboratories" as the theme, Li Zhenbiao, Director of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Xiong Hongqi, Director of Southeast University, Wu Zhuwu, Director of China University of Mining and Technology, Chen Yanlin, Director of Huanggang Vocational and Technical College, Han Yingxia, Director of Huazhong Agricultural University, Chen Xinhao, Director of Central South University for Nationalities, Zhao Jinlong, director of Wuhan Textile University, aimed at the construction and development of university laboratories. They have respectively done "Being a man and Doing Things to Speak Culture - Discussion on the Development of university laboratory Team", "Research and Practice on the construction of systematic standardization of University professional experimental teaching", "Exploration and practice on the construction of double prevention mechanism for University laboratory Safety - Taking China University of Mining and Technology as an example", "Exploration and Practice on the construction mode of productive training base for integration of production and Education in vocational colleges", and "Based on Budget Management" The Practice of State-owned Assets Management in Universities from the perspective of Theory, the Fine Management of University Assets in the Context of Budget Integration and other thematic reports and academic exchanges.

3 New Kebe, new ideas, new responsibilities


Mr. Xia Zhilian, deputy general manager of Wuhan Kebe Technology Co., Ltd. was invited to make a report on the theme of "New Ideas on the construction of modern laboratories in colleges and universities". Mr. Xia Zhilian shared some university laboratory construction cases in the report, and put forward new construction ideas for university laboratory construction in four aspects: "the formation of expert teams", "the investigation of similar projects", "the conversion from user language to engineering language", and "the formulation of construction standards", and said that Kebe Technology while keeping in mind the mission, We will continue to explore and innovate to create a safer and more comfortable working environment for university scholars and researchers from all walks of life with new looks, new ideas and new responsibilities.

4 Closing remarks

The holding of this annual meeting is of great significance to promote the construction and development of university laboratories, promote the academic exchanges of university experts and scholars, and enhance the academic activity and academic research level of university laboratories.


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