The 82nd China Educational Equipment Exhibition opened in Tianjin

On October 20, the 82nd China Educational Equipment Exhibition opened at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin). This exhibition is sponsored by China Education Equipment Industry Association, Tianjin Education Committee, Tianjin Bureau of Commerce, Tianjin Jinnan District People's Government, Tianjin Academy of Education Science co-hosted.

Wang Xu, Member of the Standing Committee of the Tianjin Municipal Committee and Secretary of the Municipal Committee of Education, Jin Nuo, President of the China Educational Equipment Industry Association and director of the Organizing Committee of the 82nd China Educational Equipment Exhibition, Tian Shulan, former deputy director of the Working Committee of China Caring for the Next Generation, former head of the discipline inspection team of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection in the Ministry of Education, Li Jianping, Vice chairman of the Tianjin Municipal People's Political Consultative Conference and President of the Municipal Institute of Education Science, Wang Fu, Executive Deputy Director of the Working Committee for Caring for the Next Generation of the Ministry of Education and Director of the Expert Committee of China Educational Equipment Industry Association; Dong Yiwei, Deputy Director of the Printing and Distribution Bureau of the Central Publicity Department and a first-level inspector; Yu Pengzhou, Deputy Secretary General of Tianjin Municipal People's Government; Luo Ruige, Director General of the World Teaching AIDS Federation; Song Jiale, Secretary-General of the China Teachers Development Foundation; Wang Hongbing, Chief Supervisor of China Educational Equipment Industry Association, Xia Yue, Vice president of China Educational Equipment Industry Association and Deputy director of the Ministry of Education Publicity and Education Center, Jing Hongyang, Executive Deputy secretary of Tianjin Municipal Education Working Committee and Director of the Municipal Education Committee, Guo Dianhua, Party Secretary of Tianjin Educational Science Research Institute, Huang Gang, Party secretary and General manager of China Teaching Equipment Co., LTD. Xia Guoming, Vice President of China Education Equipment Industry Association, Zhang Quan, Director of the Teaching and Equipment Information Department of the Ministry of Education, Wang Yan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Northeast Normal University, Lu Tongzhou, Vice president of China Education News Agency, Li Ping, former director of the School Planning and Construction Development Center of the Ministry of Education and other leaders attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was presided over by Li Ying, secretary-general of China Educational Equipment Industry Association.

Li Jianping pointed out that the construction of high-quality education system is inseparable from the support of high-level educational equipment, and the development of high-level educational equipment is inseparable from the guidance of educational science. Service education, service students' comprehensive development, service innovation talent training is the eternal "heart" of education equipment, support education digital transformation, digital equipment, digital equipment is the "brain" of education equipment wisdom, adhere to the guidance of education science, education science, science education is the "soul" of education equipment, jointly promote education equipment more intelligent, more scientific, more humanistic, Make education fairer, better and more innovative.

Jing Hongyang pointed out that the Tianjin Education Commission, as one of the organizers of the exhibition, earnestly implemented the deployment requirements of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, paid attention to the brand, innovation-driven, professional guidance, and strengthened services, focused on the theme of the exhibition, and focused on creating a "Tianjin characteristics" teaching and clothing display platform and "teaching and science characteristics" teaching and clothing exchange platform. During the same period, 10 thematic forum activities covering basic education, vocational education, labor education, education digitization, and experimental teaching were held. It is believed that the exhibition will better play the role of a comprehensive display and exchange platform, and play an important role in promoting the development of education in Tianjin and building a high-quality education equipment ecology.

Xia Guoming said that the Party's 20th National Congress will deploy education, science and technology and talents in one, stressing that "adhere to the priority development of education, self-reliance in science and technology, talent leadership and drive, and accelerate the construction of a strong education, science and technology, and talent." The era of high-quality development of education is also an era of promising educational equipment. He introduced that this exhibition adhering to the value concept of "display, exchange, cooperation, innovation and development", with the theme of "digital enabling education, innovation leading the future", focused on the new applications, new achievements, new products and new solutions of digital technology and artificial intelligence in the field of educational equipment, showing the deep integration of technology and education and teaching.

The exhibition lasted for 3 days, with the theme of "digital empowering education, innovation leading the future", and adopted the mode of online and offline integration. The exhibition will focus on hot topics such as digital transformation of education, and will hold more than 50 activities such as "the ninth National Primary and Secondary School Experimental Teaching Lecture activities" and "Primary and secondary School laboratory Construction and Teaching Innovation Development Forum under the background of digital transformation".

The exhibition covers an area of nearly 200,000 square meters, attracting more than 1,100 enterprises at home and abroad with more than 12,000 exhibits to participate. In order to comprehensively upgrade the exhibition experience, this exhibition will try to arrange the exhibition in the special area for the first time, on the basis of the original special exhibition area and standard exhibition area, according to the school section, it is divided into preschool education, vocational education, higher education, special education and other areas, and according to the product categories, it is divided into the sound body, the United States labor health, books and other areas. In addition, this exhibition will launch the "China Education equipment meta-universe display platform", the first use of advanced mobile WebAR large-space display technology, create a sense of science and technology combined with reality, and present a good trend of vigorous development of education equipment industry.

It is worth mentioning that this exhibition has set up a special Tianjin pavilion to fully show the characteristics of Tianjin education, teaching and equipment, and set up a number of interactive experience areas and activity areas to increase the interaction and sociability of the exhibition, so that the audience can personally feel the latest educational equipment and technology.


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