Dalian University of Technology starts construction of the world's first wind and wave joint deep water laboratory

Dalian University of Technology on October 27 announced the start of construction of deep-sea engineering innovation experimental base project, the future will build the world's first wind and wave joint deep water laboratory. After the completion of the laboratory, it can provide first-class research and development conditions and high-quality technical services for China's major national needs such as deep-sea oil and gas resources development, offshore renewable energy utilization, and major cross-sea transportation infrastructure construction, and help the early realization of the goals of "Marine power", "transportation power" and "dual-carbon strategy". It will provide important support for personnel training and frontier scientific exploration in the field of national ocean engineering.

The project, jointly invested by Dalian University of Technology and China Three Gorges Corporation, has a total land area of 16,000 square meters and a floor area of 8,100 square meters, and is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2026.

It is understood that in the Marine environment, Marine engineering facilities often bear the damage caused by the coupling action of wind - wave, wave - current, wind - wave - current and other loads. For typical deep-water engineering structures, it is necessary to fully consider the integrated experimental simulation of the three basic dynamic factors of wind, wave and current, study their joint action mechanism on Marine engineering facilities, reveal the disaster mechanism of extreme Marine environment on Marine structures, and establish corresponding experimental conditions and analysis methods, which is the only way to improve the current analysis and prediction ability and improve the analysis accuracy.

Based on this, after more than ten years of demonstration and deepening design, Dalian University of Technology plans to build a wind and wave joint deep water laboratory. This project has the unique wind and wave joint experiment function in the world, which can realize the effective simulation of complex Marine dynamic environment, as well as the accurate experiment of the effect of extreme Marine dynamic environment and engineering structure.


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