KILAB Smart Lab Platform

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Kobel Intelligent Science Laboratory Comprehensive Platform, abbreviated as KILAB, with invention patent number: ZL 201310704128.1, is a set of comprehensive laboratory platform developed by Kobel with high degree of integration, strong professionalism, wide application range and industry-leading after years of painstaking research and project practical experience in the field of laboratory design and construction, and according to the construction and management standards of scientific laboratory, intelligent building and intelligent park. The platform conducts centralized management of various subsystems in the laboratory field, including ventilation, air conditioning, power consumption, centralized gas supply, pure water, environment (temperature and humidity, pressure difference, illumination, light control, noise, PM2.5/10, cleanliness, hazardous gas, water leakage, etc.), video, access control, fire fighting, intrusion alarm, reagent consumables, hazardous chemicals, instruments and equipment, personnel, laboratory reservation management, laboratory equipment management, etc. The subsystems can operate independently and interact with each other.

The platform can be widely used in scientific research institutions, institutions of higher learning, inspection units, customs, hospitals, medical inspection institutions, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, tobacco, coal mines, geological analysis, analysis and testing centers, public security systems, scientific research incubators, teaching systems, factory laboratories, enterprise R & D centers and other fields.


(1) Support wired, WIFI, ZigBee, NB-IOT, LoRa, BLE, 3/4/5G and other communication methods.
(2) Massive compatible TCP/IP, Http, Modbus, MQTT, BACNet, Profibus and other protocols.
(3) Windows、Android、IOS、Harmony OS Full platform support.



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