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1. Solid technical foundation, mature environment for intelligent construction and development

First of all, the development of 5G, supercomputer and other technologies has laid a solid technical foundation for the development of digital technology. Secondly, the further deepening of basic research at home and abroad provides a theoretical basis for the emergence and development of intelligent construction. Finally, the rapid progress of digital technology provides infinite possibilities for the application of intelligent construction in all walks of life, such as the promotion of BIM technology in the construction industry.

2. The rise of Internet of Things technology and the emergence of intelligent construction series capability

On the one hand, the building automation system (BA), communication automation system (CA), fire automation system (FA), safety automation system (SA) and office automation system (OA) developed in the early construction industry are still in the initial stage of maintaining basic operation, and they are still basic information or semi-information in terms of producing and mining the value of data. There is no series integration between the systems, and it is difficult to connect with each other from the whole.
On the other hand, the rise of the Internet of Things technology, the wisdom of building integrated systems, connecting the system to form an overall advantage.

3. Strong policy support and clear medium - and long-term development plan

The national level attaches great importance to the due and development of intelligent construction in the construction industry. It can be seen from the "Guiding Opinions on Promoting the Coordinated Development of Smart Construction and Construction Industrialization" that the central government believes that smart construction is an important development opportunity for accelerating the transformation of the construction industry and promoting high-quality development, and clearly puts forward that smart construction is an inevitable requirement for promoting the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry and achieving high-quality development. It is an important measure to effectively stimulate domestic demand, do a good job of "six stability" and "six guarantees", and a powerful starting point to comply with the international trend and enhance the international competitiveness of China's construction industry.

4. Market demand updates, wisdom creates new requirements

With the economic development driving the urban development, the domestic urbanization rate is getting higher and higher. The development of construction industry and real estate industry has gradually shifted from the extensive market incremental expansion era to the fine market stock fighting era. In the face of the stock era, the requirements of the market for enterprises are gradually increasing, and from the perspective of the market, it is necessary to promote the transformation and upgrading of survey and construction enterprises, seize the opportunities of technological development, constantly improve the comprehensive competitiveness, and meet the requirements of the market. Therefore, the simultaneous development of technology and demand has spawned a new trend of digital architecture and led the trend of smart construction.

5. Intelligent planning and design

Modern construction engineering because of the successful application of intelligent building technology has also undergone changes, new technology can play a powerful role in different stages of design, construction, management, operation and maintenance, no longer confined to a single field, can play an excellent technical advantage in the whole life cycle of construction engineering construction.


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