Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission issued the "Shanghai Key Laboratory Construction and Development Plan (2023-2025)"

Shanghai Key Laboratory (hereinafter referred to as "City Heavy"), as an important part of the city's science and technology innovation system, is a science and innovation base for organizing high-level scientific and technological research, gathering and cultivating outstanding scientific and technological talents, and carrying out high-level cooperation and exchanges. In order to cultivate and build high-level scientific and technological forces in Shanghai, and better promote the development of municipal construction in the new era, In accordance with the requirements of the Regulations of Shanghai Municipality on Promoting the Construction of Science and Technology Innovation Center, the 2021-2035 Shanghai Medium and Long-term Science and Technology Development Plan, Opinions on Further Deepening the Reform of Science and Technology System and Mechanism to Enhance the capacity of Science and Technology Innovation Center, and the Measures for the Construction and Operation Management of Shanghai Key Laboratories, this construction and development plan is formulated.

First, development status and construction needs

(1) Current situation and results

Our city has always attached great importance to the construction of scientific research base platform. Since 1991, the Municipal Science and Technology Commission, together with relevant departments, has selected and built more than 170 municipal centers in the fields of information, medicine, manufacturing, engineering, and materials. After long-term development, these cities have played an important role in carrying out basic research and key core technology research, promoting discipline development, attracting outstanding scientific and technological talents, and obtaining innovative results. Taking the "13th Five-Year Plan" period as an example, the municipal reconstruction has achieved the following results:

-- Becoming an important base for organizing high-level scientific and technological research. The number of construction has increased steadily, the layout has been optimized continuously, and the basic coverage of the city's regions has been increasingly diversified. The level of supporting scientific research tasks has been continuously improved, the total amount of scientific research funds has made a great breakthrough, and the number of state-level projects and projects awarded per 100 people are among the best in various scientific research platforms in Shanghai. High-quality scientific research outputs continue to emerge, and a number of high-level basic research results and key core technologies have been achieved. The publication and citation of academic journals in the world, science and technology awards at provincial and ministerial level or above, and the number of PCT patents are ahead of the average level in Shanghai.

-- Becoming an important platform for gathering and training scientific and technological talents. The scale of personnel continues to expand, forming a team of talents with high professional titles, high education, and young people. The number of academicians gathered in the two houses, the number of talent titles won, the proportion of highly cited scientists, and the score of H index are among the best in the city. The talent team has formed an echelon reserve, the backbone of young and middle-aged people has grown rapidly, and the role of talent highland and reservoir has become increasingly prominent.

-- Become a practical model for efficient allocation of innovation resources. The basic conditions for scientific research, represented by large-scale scientific instruments, have been continuously improved, and new breakthroughs have been made in opening up and sharing with the outside world. Under the guidance of the regular evaluation system, the comprehensive efficiency of input and output has reached a good level, and shows an obvious trend of classified development according to different fields, positioning and functions; It will become a new starting point for the reform of the science and technology system, strongly support the construction of secondary research institutes in Shanghai universities and institutes, and carry out "substantive" and "organized scientific research".

(2) Situation and demand

The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China stressed that we must adhere to the core position of innovation in the overall situation of China's modernization drive, strengthen the national strategic scientific and technological strength, optimize the allocation of innovation resources, optimize the positioning and layout of national scientific research institutions, high-level research universities, and leading scientific and technological enterprises, and form a national laboratory system. The Party Central Committee and The State Council proposed to restructure the national key laboratory system, strengthen the "four aspects", and achieve strong support, leading edge and deep foundation, which has pointed out the direction and formed a reference for the heavy construction and development of our city.

At present, the construction of Shanghai Science and technology innovation Center is accelerating from forming a basic framework to forming a core function. The "14th Five-Year Plan" of the Science and Innovation Center clearly puts forward that around the "four aspects", focus on advantageous areas, strengthen top-level design and overall coordination, promote the construction and development of national laboratories, promote the optimization and reorganization of national key laboratories, strengthen the layout of municipal bases, and form a high-level scientific and technological force with clear strategic goals, efficient operating mechanisms, and powerful resource integration.

At the same time, new scientific and technological development and paradigm change have further enriched the connotation of the development of municipal heavy construction. Scientific exploration continues to expand to the macro and to the micro, and the research paradigm presents new features such as interdisciplinary, data-driven, and platform support. Cutting-edge technologies, represented by a new generation of information technology and biotechnology, are reshaping the industrial system and giving birth to the "nuclear explosion point", creating a richer future scenario and innovative value. Municipal reconstruction urgently needs to comply with this development trend, seize the commanding heights of science and technology and industrial growth points, and seize the initiative of future development in the education and opening of new machinery.

In addition, it should be noted that there are still some problems in the market: first, the layout to adapt to the new era of innovative development is still insufficient, and the top-level design still needs to be improved; Second, the original innovation capacity and the ability to support economic and social development need to be strengthened. Third, the management system and mechanism need to be continuously optimized, and the external cooperation system needs to be strengthened. Fourth, multi-department joint promotion and multi-input mechanism has not yet formed. All these problems need to be solved through a new round of construction and development.

To this end, carrying out the layout of the municipal heavy system is a basic and long-term work to support the development of national laboratories in Shanghai, cultivate high-level scientific and technological forces in our city, and cope with the challenges of scientific research organization and innovation ability.

Second, construction ideas and development goals

(1) Guiding ideology and objectives

 We will train a group of high-level scientific and technological talents, support the innovation and development of related industries, build Shanghai laboratory system, comprehensively improve the capability of scientific and technological innovation, and provide strong support for the construction of Shanghai science and technology innovation Center.

By 2025, in combination with the city's key industries and regional development needs, it plans to restructure and build a number of new cities, and set up a number of urban areas to jointly build cities, becoming an important component of the city's high-level scientific and technological force, covering the main directions of various fields, gathering academicians and scientific research teams of both houses, and large scientific research equipment. The city's ability to undertake strategic tasks, support enterprise innovation and the development level of industrial highlands, the situation of opening up and cooperation with the outside world, the basic conditions for scientific research and academic influence have been significantly improved.

(2) Basic principles

Stick to the system layout. Strengthen the top-level design, build a city heavy development system, and strengthen the functional positioning and objectives of different categories of city heavy for the "14th Five-Year Plan".

Adhere to the value orientation. Focusing on the economic and social development and industrial needs of our city, we will promote the city to focus on major scientific issues and technical difficulties, pay attention to original innovation, gather outstanding talents, enhance academic influence, and promote the industrialization of achievements.

We will pursue integrated development. We will adhere to openness and cooperation, strengthen collaborative innovation among different innovation entities and among major markets, strengthen "whole-process innovation", and focus on industrial empowerment. 

Adhere to overall management. Strengthen system building, strengthen classification management, improve the evaluation mechanism. We will strengthen overall planning and coordination, highlight the responsibilities of all units, and give full play to the role of all departments and local governments. We will guide diverse inputs and strengthen support for fiscal stability.

Third, layout direction

It is divided into 15 fields: information, medicine, agriculture, manufacturing, engineering, energy, materials, mathematics, chemistry, biology, ocean, environment, astronomy and space, Earth science, and comprehensive.

Fourth, capacity building

(1) Strengthen laboratory function positioning

Adhere to the "four aspects", focus on the major needs of Shanghai, accurately locate the types of research in the city, form the main direction of attack, and be a "special student" of science and technology with distinctive characteristics and significant advantages in the field. Basic research and applied basic research focus on proposing new principles and methods in the field, enhancing academic influence, and carrying out original innovation; The cutting-edge technology research city focuses on promoting technological update and independent development in the field, supporting key core technology breakthroughs and engineering realization; Urban co-construction cities focus on promoting the "3+6" industry and the construction and development of "five new cities", and enhance regional innovation capabilities. Through continuous layout construction, promote the research level to reach the leading or representative of the field (industry), and avoid "big but not strong" or low level "platter".

2. Strengthening guidance for major scientific research tasks

Guided by the strategic science and technology innovation platform and important scientific research tasks in Shanghai, we will gradually support the city to re-integrate into the city's scientific research task research system, and constantly improve the ability and level of scientific and technological innovation. Encourage the development of scientific research cooperation with strategic scientific and technological forces in Shanghai, and give priority support to scientific research institutions that have the conditions to undertake and complete the above tasks with high quality. Support qualified cities to take the lead in organizing Shanghai key scientific research projects in this field, and promote the application of scientific research results.

3. We will strengthen the education of high-level talents

Encourage the city to re-employ scientists with leadership and integrity or high-level leaders in the field as directors, form a high-level scientific research team with a reasonable structure, establish an open, fluid, competitive and collaborative employment mechanism, and increase the introduction of high-level overseas talent teams. On the basis of trust, support young talents to take the lead and be the protagonist. We will optimize the promotion mechanism of personnel titles and positions, employ and manage scientific researchers, laboratory technicians, and managers by classification, and formulate evaluation criteria based on the quality and contribution of innovative achievements and the completion of major research tasks. Strengthen the incentive mechanism for outstanding talents, and provide competitive compensation packages consistent with their abilities and contributions. Encourage the development of continuous support programs for talented people.

4. We will strengthen conditional guarantees and diversify inputs

Support the city to build a good scientific research and experiment conditions, provide a certain scale, relatively concentrated physical space, to ensure the efficient operation of high-energy scientific research instruments and equipment, and plan to implement the renovation of scientific research instruments and equipment, independent development. Encourage the development of diversified investment pilot, on the basis of striving to promote the investment of departments and local districts, actively absorb the investment of social funds such as enterprises, funds, social donations, and "allocation and investment combination", and increase the distribution of results transformation income rewards to scientific research teams and technical backbone, and strive to form a higher investment intensity.

5. Strengthening industry-university-research cooperation and industrial empowerment

Universities, scientific research institutes, medical institutions and enterprises are encouraged to strengthen industry-university-research cooperation and jointly apply for municipal weight. Attach importance to the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, guide the cities in different links of the innovation chain to re-establish "innovation groups", carry out "whole process innovation", strengthen the integration of the innovation chain and industrial chain, and give slanted support in the evaluation. Strengthen the whole process management of intellectual property rights. Adhere to a global perspective, strengthen international academic exchanges, and build an international platform for scientific and technological cooperation. Encourage laboratory scientific research equipment, scientific data, etc. to be open and shared with the society in accordance with regulations, and actively carry out science popularization activities.

6. Fostering a culture of innovation

Guide the city's heavy scientific researchers to establish the value of long-term struggle, closely focus on scientific goals and tasks, adhere to research, rigorous and realistic, adhere to academic ethics and research ethics, and practice academic norms. Build a good governance structure, give full play to the decision-making advisory and academic guidance role of the academic committee, and maintain innovation vitality. We will strengthen the integrity of scientific research, promote the establishment of a fault-tolerant mechanism, and foster a good atmosphere that tolerates failure and encourages debate.

V. Safeguard measures

1. Strengthening overall coordination of work

Establish an organization and management system with the overall planning of the Municipal Science and Technology Commission and the participation of municipal education, state-owned assets, economic information, health, agriculture and other commissions and bureaus, districts, and Shanghai Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, forming a multi-level and multi-department work pattern to jointly promote the city's heavy construction. The Municipal Science and Technology Commission shall, together with relevant departments, formulate policies and rules and regulations for the municipal redevelopment, guide the construction and operation of the municipal redevelopment, and organize the evaluation. All departments, districts, and Shanghai Branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences are responsible for the preliminary planning, cultivation, selection and recommendation, and carry out the daily management of the city's major and supporting units.

2. Improving management of the whole process

According to the "Shanghai Key Laboratory Construction and Operation Management Measures", optimize the whole process management of municipal heavy construction and operation. In the selection stage of the project, strengthen the selection layout of the best, and solidly carry out the construction acceptance work. In the management and operation stage, pay attention to the daily development of the academic exchange system, carry out the construction and operation inspection, and improve the efficiency of the city's heavy operation. In the assessment and evaluation stage, optimize the city reclassification evaluation, medium and long-term evaluation, representative achievement evaluation mechanism, and establish a benign and orderly dynamic reorganization and withdrawal system.

(3) Strengthen the responsibility of supporting units and directors

Adhere to and strengthen the leadership of the Party, rely on the unit responsible for the guarantee of the operation of the city heavy construction, encourage the unit to explore the special zone policy and innovation mechanism of the city heavy construction and talent recruitment and evaluation, promote the unified allocation of resources, talents, projects, and bases, and continue to increase the guarantee. On a pilot basis, 1-2 supporting units with significant long-term operation results, strong organization and management, and adequate protection will be selected, and their autonomy will be delegated to municipalities for restructuring. Improve the municipal director responsibility system, make it clear that the director is responsible for the construction and development of the laboratory, the completion of major scientific research tasks entrusted by departments at all levels, and has autonomy in the organization and implementation of scientific research, the allocation of funds and conditions, and the appointment of staff.

4. Improving resource allocation and security

Support the city to undertake the city's scientific research tasks in the way of "unveiling the list" and "directional entrustment". The municipal talent team gives priority to recommending municipal recognition and awards under the same conditions, and opens up a "green channel" for the city to reiterate the national talent plan. We will guide municipal governments to continue to purchase high-grade scientific research instruments and equipment, and carry out import duty reduction and customs clearance facilitation services. The enterprise city gives priority to enjoy all kinds of technology preferential policies. Strengthen the link between the city's performance evaluation results and financial support, and continue to improve the city's stability support mechanism. Guide all departments and districts to re-integrate the city into the high-level scientific and technological force system of their own industry and district, and strengthen the guarantee of talents, funds and policies.

6. Organization and implementation

(1) Program, planning and guideline publication

Adopt the "three-year program + field planning + annual solicitation guide" mode of publication. The 2023-2025 construction and development plan will be issued as the overall plan in advance, and the layout plan for all fields will be issued one by one by the end of 2024, and public guidelines will be issued regularly. Each field adopts a continuous collection method, that is, the market weight of each field is continuously collected within three years, and the full layout is not completed in one guide collection.

(2) Recommendation and review

The promotion departments shall organize and carry out the recommendation work in accordance with the requirements of the "Shanghai Key Laboratory Construction and Operation Management Measures", and re-form the ranking list of the recommended cities. The municipal Science and Technology Commission shall organize the evaluation and select the best projects. The same city is recommended by a single promotion department, not multiple recommendations; The jointly formed market weight is recommended by the promotion department of the first supporting unit. For the direction with great strategic significance and its supporting units, it can adopt the directional entrustment mode. Encourage the stock market to carry out restructuring according to the plan, and do not account for the recommended quota limit.

(3) Evaluation and withdrawal

The Municipal Science and Technology Commission commissioned a third-party professional institution to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the overall operation of the city in the re-cycle according to the field, guided by the value of innovation, ability and contribution. Through the assessment, the city will be guided to participate in major national and local scientific and technological tasks, carry out restructuring, and introduce high-level overseas talents. Highlight dynamic adjustment, survival of the fittest, and adjust or revoke the market weight with poor evaluation results in accordance with regulations.


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