Kobe Technology invites you to analytica China in Munich

The 11th analytica China will be held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from July 11-13, 2023 at 1.2H, 8.2H and 2.2H.


Warmly congratulate Kebe Technology 2023 first quarter sales meeting held successfully

The fragrance of April in the world is exhausted, the peach blossoms of the mountain temple are in full bloom, and the momentum of Kebe technology is also rising as this increasingly warm weather.


Kebe Technology was invited to participate in the 4th China (Beijing) Bio-Pharmaceutical Technology Summit Forum (BPCF)

In order to promote the development of pharmaceutical technology, promote in-depth exchanges and cooperation within the industry, and build a high-level exchange platform, the fourth China (Beijing) Bio-pharmaceutical Technology Summit Forum (BPCF) was held in Beijing Langritz Xishan Garden Hotel from April 3 to 4, 2023.


Kebe Technology appeared in the 11th Central China Science and Education Instruments and technical equipment Exhibition

Spring in March, spring flowers. From March 29 to March 31, 2023, the 11th Central China Science and Education Instrument and Technical Equipment Exhibition with the theme of "Science and Technology Innovation and smart Education" opened in Wuhan Optics Valley Science and Technology Exhibition Center of China.


Congratulations on the opening of Cobey Technology (Shanghai) Co., LTD

March 21, 2023, take the wind from all sides, should be thousands of hope. The opening ceremony of Cobey Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. was held!


Wuhan Kebei Technology sponsored Hubei University laboratory work seminar

At 8:30 am on March 11, Hubei University Laboratory Work Seminar and 2022 Annual Meeting was successfully held in Huanggang City, Hubei Province. More than 230 experts and scholars from more than 40 universities in Hubei province, including laboratory, equipment, state assets, educational affairs and other functional departments, laboratory and asset management personnel, laboratory teachers, laboratory technicians and other experts and scholars attended the conference.


Zhang Bo, Party Secretary and Director of Shanxi Provincial Health Commission, inspected the P3 high-level biosafety laboratory project of Shanxi Center for Disease Control and Prevention

On the morning of February 7, 2023, Comrade Zhang Bo, Secretary of the Party Group and director of Shanxi Provincial Health Commission, accompanied by Feng Lizhong, director of Shanxi Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Deputy Director Guo Guige and Dr. Ren Binzhi, inspected the construction site of the new project of Shanxi Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention, which was undertaken by Wuhan Kebei Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Kebei Technology).


Shenzhen Bright Science City

The development of 5G, supercomputer and other technologies has laid a solid technical foundation for the development of digital technology. Secondly, the further deepening of basic research at home and abroad provides a theoretical basis for the emergence and development of intelligent construction. Finally, the rapid progress of digital technology provides infinite possibilities for the application of intelligent construction in all walks of life, such as the promotion of BIM technology in the construction industry

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