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EDI series ultrapure water system

EDI series ultrapure water system

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Product description

  Comprehensive use of reverse osmosis (RO) technology and EDI technology, using tap water as inlet water, continuous production of pure water and ultra-pure water. Using a combination of semi-permeable ion membrane, ion exchange resin and continuous current ion removal technology, remove ions from water under chemical-free conditions. No need for acid-base regeneration of ion exchange resin, continuous operation to ensure stable water quality, high water production rate, convenient operation and management, low labor intensity, and low operating cost.

  Product features

  1. Tap water enters, automatic and continuous water production, which greatly meets the water demand of the laboratory;

  2. Special deep desalination treatment is more suitable for influent water sources with high salt content (such as northern China), which can effectively reduce the burden of desalination on the subsequent purification column and reduce the operating cost of the equipment by more than double;

  3. Process design: The process design of pre-treatment + RO + EDI is adopted, and the core parts adopt the EDI module designed by patent technology, which has good separation effect and electric regeneration, which can avoid the disadvantages of ion exchange resin clumping and fresh water back mixing, and is stable Produce high purity water;

  4. The ion exchange resin can be automatically regenerated, without frequent replacement, without consuming acid and alkali, saving a lot of operating costs, reducing labor intensity, and avoiding environmental pollution;

  5. The product is compact, integrated, modular, and quick-connected internal design, which is convenient for installation and maintenance, has a small footprint and beautiful appearance;

  6. Optional programmed design for timing water fetching, eliminating the need for manual water fetching waiting;

  7. Quickly start up to 18.25MΩ/cm@25℃ and stable water quality, saving water, electricity, and connection.

  8. The microcomputer chip automatically controls the operation of the equipment and meets the GLP safety requirements;

  9. Humanized display, intuitive display of running status, simple operation;

  10. Power-on self-check, water shortage protection alarm, power failure automatic reset, automatic shutdown after pure water tank full of water, ultra-low pressure protection, RO automatic flushing, UV lamp failure alarm and other functions;

  11. Imported RO membranes, ion exchange membranes, ion exchange resins, polished nuclear grade resins, silent high-pressure pumps, solenoid valves, etc. are used to ensure product performance.

  12. RO automatic flushing and regular sterilization.

  13. Water quality online monitoring system, which can measure the water quality of produced water in real time;

  14. Optional RS232 interface to record historical water quality;

  15. The standard pure water tanks of various specifications are available for selection;

  16. With the function of upgrading water quality and quantity.

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