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Large ultrapure water system

Large ultrapure water system

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Product description

  The central ultrapure water system uses a centralized host to produce ultrapure water, which is then delivered to each point of use in a "snake cycle" through a dedicated ultrapure water pipeline. The user can easily take it directly from the ultrapure water tap at the point of use With ultrapure water, there can be as many as hundreds of terminal water intake points. The "snake-like circulation" transportation method can effectively ensure that the water quality in the pipeline will not produce "dead water" phenomenon and ensure the quality of circulating water.

  Brief introduction of large ultrapure water system

  Tailor-made process design principles:

  Considering the wide adaptability of the water source, the convenience of operation, the stability of operation, and the economic efficiency of the use cost, the equipment can effectively meet the needs of users.

  Innovative technology, human-oriented use design principles:

  Adopt reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, fully automatic controlled mixed bed unit, fine polishing mixed bed, EDI and other water treatment technologies, PLC, DCS, touch screen control, internet remote control, remote camera monitoring, central water pipe network transportation, etc. Advanced technology is more in line with the advancement of science and technology of the times, and is convenient, simple and easy to use.

  Unique system integration design:

  One-piece chassis/frame, compact, neat, beautiful, and convenient to move; the input and output interfaces are centralized, which is convenient to connect with the equipment.

  Standardized production in the factory:

  After the system host is produced in the factory, the quality assurance department and R&D workshop will simulate the user's working conditions for repeated debugging to ensure the reliability of the actual operation of the equipment; improve the efficiency of on-site construction and debugging and shorten the on-site construction period.

  High-quality spare parts:

  Water treatment components are selected from world-class quality products, such as Danish Grundfos booster pumps, American Heiden RO membranes, German Siemens PLC controllers, touch screens, and Omron electronic components.

  Detailed design:

  Combined with a wealth of industry process application knowledge, complete monitoring components are designed in each processing unit; regular disinfection and cleaning function interfaces; professional water purification treatment agent application; quality classification treatment when water quality is unqualified; equipment with upgrade functions, etc.

  Applicable industry:

  Laboratory: chemical analysis, fluorescence analysis, detection analysis, genetic research, biological experiment, tissue culture, etc.

  Pharmaceutical industry: water for large medical infusions, injection preparations, pharmaceuticals, biochemical products, sterile water for medical use and water for artificial kidney separation.

  Chemical industry: chemical reaction cooling, chemical reagents, fertilizers and fine chemicals, cosmetics manufacturing process water.

  Electronics industry: water systems for semiconductors, liquid crystal displays, computer hard drives, printed circuit boards, integrated circuit blocks, and picture tube manufacturing.

  Electric power industry: thermal power, thermal power boiler, medium and low pressure boiler power water supply system.

  Electroplating and coating industry: surface coating of automobiles, home appliances, building materials and other products, coated glass, and battery water system.

  Beverage industry: mineral water, purified water, packaged drinking water, fruit juice concentration, wine production, pure draft beer filtration, etc.

  Product Series:

  Purified water system Ultra-pure water system Medical pure water system Osmosis special pure water system Animal drinking water treatment system can be customized for you 125L/h, 300L/h, 500L/h, 750L/h, 1-20T/h With professional technology and unique design, a water treatment system with a larger water volume or larger volume has become a provider of high-end water treatment solutions to meet the different water needs of users.

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