Artificial climate box

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Product description


  The artificial climate box is a high-precision hot and cold constant temperature device with illumination and humidification functions, providing users with an ideal artificial climate experiment environment. It can be used for plant germination, seedling cultivation, tissue and microbial cultivation; insect and small animal breeding; BOD determination for water analysis and artificial climate tests for other purposes. It is an ideal test equipment for production and scientific research departments such as biological genetic engineering, medicine, agriculture, forestry, environmental science, animal husbandry, and aquatic products.


  This product is suitable for plant growth and tissue culture, seed germination, seedling cultivation, microbial cultivation test; insect and small animal breeding; BOD measurement for water quality monitoring; aging and service life testing of medicinal materials, wood, building materials, etc., and other purposes Special test equipment for light, constant temperature and humidity. Structural features: high-precision heating and cooling constant temperature equipment with illumination and humidification functions. It adopts advanced microcomputer programmable technology to control temperature, and can set a variety of parameters (including temperature, temperature, illuminance) to simulate natural climate. Illumination uses special high-brightness fluorescent lamps. Light touch adjustment switch, light and flexible. LED digital display, multi-mode control adjustable, easy operation.

  main feature

  1. Multi-window digital display mode.

  2. Fully computer controlled, programmable from 1-30 segments, 30 groups of different control parameters can be set.

  3. Optional RS485 communication interface to realize communication with the host computer and record operating data in real time.

  4. The temperature adopts PID control mode, with high temperature control accuracy.

  5. With power-down memory function, the instrument can continue to run from the breakpoint after power-on.

  6. It has super strong ultraviolet sterilization function to ensure a pure culture environment.

  7. Aluminum alloy frame, light and beautiful, never rust. It not only has the function of over-temperature and sensor abnormality protection, but also has an independent air duct over-temperature protection device, double protection, for the safety of the instrument and sample.

  Technical Parameters

  1. Temperature control range: 5℃--50℃(without light) 10℃--50℃(with light)

  2. Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5-1.0℃ Dehumidification temperature fluctuation: ±0.5-2.0℃

  3. Temperature uniformity: ±1.0℃

  4. Humidity control range: 50-95%RH

  5. Illumination 3000Lx/12000Lx/22000Lx two-sided illumination, five levels adjustable.

  6. Programmable control for 1-30 time period, each segment can be set for 0-99 hours

  7. Volume: 150L, ​​250L

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