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SP-3800 series atomic absorption spectrophotometer (AAS)

SP-3800 series atomic absorption spectrophotometer (AAS)

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Product description

  Technical Parameters:

  Optical system: aberration CT type monochromator device

  Wavelength range: 190.0-900nm automatic adjustment

  Wavelength accuracy: ±0.20nm (system automatic correction)

  Wavelength repeatability: 0.10nm

  Spectral bandwidth: 0.1, 0.2, 0.7, 1.4nm automatic switching

  Resolution: Resolvable manganese three lines (279.5 nm and 279.8nm line peak valley ≤ 25%)

  Baseline drift: static (Cu) ±0.003Abs/30min

  Dynamic (Cu) ±0.005Abs/30min

  Lamp holder specifications: 8 lamp holders are automatically positioned, three-dimensional automatic adjustment

  Flame analysis

  Characteristic concentration (Cu): 0.025ug/ml/1%

  Detection limit (Cu): 0.004ug/ml

  Precision: RSD≤0.5%

  Burner: Metal titanium burner (100mm)

  Sprayer: High-efficiency glass atomizer

  Atomization chamber: Atomization chamber of corrosion-resistant material

  Position adjustment: automatic adjustment of flame burner height

  Safety measures: With a variety of automatic protection functions

  Graphite furnace analysis

  Flame/graphite furnace switching Independent graphite furnace system without switching

  Characteristic quantity (Cd): ≤0.4pg

  Detection limit (Cd): ≤0.8pg

  Precision: RSD≤2%

  Atomization heating method: light control, time control, general heating

  Heating range: room temperature -3000°C

  Heating rate: up to 2000°C/s

  Safety measures: automatic protection and alarm for cooling water, protective gas, furnace temperature, graphite tube installation

  main feature:

  Background correction

  Deuterium lamp background correction automatic optical balance, correction capacity? 50 times (1Abs)

  Self-priming background correction intelligent balance, correction ability? 85 times (1Abs)

  Graphite furnace autosampler

  Sample positions: 87

  Standard cup volume: 2 ml sample, 6 ml improver

  Number of matrix improvers: 3 types

  Injection system: 500 mL syringe

  Injection volume: 1-100 mL

  Injection accuracy: ±0.2 mL

  Functions: Automatically add matrix modifier; automatically configure and establish calibration curve; fully intelligent automatic dilution; repeated sample injection enrichment and thermal injection; automatic residue removal and elimination of cross-contamination, and continuous air intake in different volumes controlled by a microcomputer Isolation prevents the contamination of the original liquid; intelligently adjusts the depth and speed of sampling and injection.

  data processing

  Concentration calculation method: standard curve method (6 linear or non-linear curves)

  Standard addition


  Repeated measurement times: 1-30 times

  Mathematical statistics calculate the average value, give the standard deviation and relative standard deviation,

  Two statistical results of absorbance and concentration are given at the same time

  Instrument settings: One key to complete all instrument parameters and calculation parameter settings

  Three working modes: user-defined method call, continued last measurement, method recommended by the manufacturer

  Element switching: fast switching without optical error

  Optional accessories hydride generator, circulating water cooler

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