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AA6000 flame atomic absorption spectrophotometer

AA6000 flame atomic absorption spectrophotometer

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Product description

  AA6000 atomic absorption spectrophotometer is an economical type with two measurement methods: flame atomization and hydride generation. It is operated and controlled by a computer and is easy to use; multiple advanced safety protection technologies are adopted to ensure that the analysts can use it safely and securely.

  Technical Parameters:

  Wavelength range: 190~900nm

  Background correction: ≥30 times (deuterium lamp)

  Spectral bandwidth: 0.2nm, 0.4nm, 0.7nm, 1.4nm

  Baseline stability: 0.005Abs/30min

  Relative standard deviation: ≤1.0%

  Detector: imported high-quality photomultiplier tube

  main feature:

  1. Adopt high-performance 1800 lines/mm grating, aberration-free arc slit monochromator, use the least number of optical components, ensure the best luminous flux, improve the signal-to-noise ratio, and have good stability;

  2. Unique deuterium lamp background correction technology: a well-designed high-energy deuterium lamp power supply and automatic energy matching make the background correction ability stronger and the result more accurate;

  3. Highly reliable security system

  (1) Safe combustion head, special drain device, atomization chamber with valve to ensure combustion safety;

  (2) Flame monitoring system: When the flame is suddenly extinguished, the acetylene flow is automatically closed;

  (3) Pressure monitoring system: When the air pressure is too low, the acetylene gas is automatically cut off and the flame is safely extinguished;

  (4) Normal air supply system: eliminates the possibility of backfire caused by power failure;

  4. The special polypropylene pre-mixed atomization chamber can effectively ensure the smooth discharge of waste liquid, even the corrosive substances have good resistance;

  5. The lamp position automatically rotates the lamp holder, which can install 6 element lamps at a time, and can light up 2 hollow cathode lamps at the same time (including 1 working and 1 preheating lamp), which can greatly improve the user's measurement efficiency;

  6. Use pulse current to ignite the lamp, the control program can set the cathode lamp of any lamp position to preheat;

  7. Imported high-quality photomultiplier tube, as a comprehensive embodiment of excellent optical path and leading electronic technology, AA6000 has high detection sensitivity;

  8. Automatic control function: automatic wavelength search, automatic slit switching, automatic setting of lamp current and increment, automatic energy matching, automatic lamp position positioning, automatic ignition, etc.;

  9. AA6000 atomic absorption can be used with hydride generator to perform high-sensitivity analysis of elements such as Pb, Sn, Hg, As, Cd, Se, Bi, Te, etc., and can realize online signal collection to meet environmental protection, food safety and other fields Application requirements.

  Main features of AA6000 workstation (spectral analysis expert):

  1. Design of process operation;

  2. Fully automatic control of the analysis process;

  3. The system's database management method, automatic access to data and report printing;

  4. Built-in element analysis expert system, which automatically calls conventional element analysis methods, and can also be set manually by users;

  5. Various calculation methods such as peak height, peak area and peak width;

  6. There are 5 standard working curves for direct reading of concentration;

  7. The standard addition method working curve can be automatically converted into a standard working curve;

  8. The standard curve can be edited, the redundant or wrong calibration points can be selectively removed, and the standard curve can be made by using the standard sample test data of other instruments;

  9. Automatic formation of analysis reports and various statistical charts.

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