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Gas chromatograph GC-2014

Gas chromatograph GC-2014

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  Model: GC-2014

  Place of Origin: Japan (Shimadzu)


  GC-2014 uses the well-acclaimed electronic flow control (AFC) technology of GC-2010 for carrier gas control. Not only when using capillary columns, but also when using packed columns, the digital control of carrier gas flow is also used as a standard configuration to improve The reproducibility of retention time and peak area is improved, and higher precision analysis is realized.

  GC-2014 inherited the improvement of GC-2010 in the detector, so that it has a good effect in capillary column analysis. The dual packed column system in the GC-2014 standard configuration also greatly improves the sensitivity and stability of packed column analysis.

  The increase in the size of the column thermostat allows GC-2014 to easily install and use capillary columns and packed columns at the same time, which facilitates column replacement operations.

  The large LCD display and powerful help function of the main unit make the operation easier and more intuitive. Including all the parameters of the injection port, column thermostat, and detector, the heating program and the chromatogram obtained in real time are displayed in front of the user at a glance.

  The host's abundant self-diagnosis function can periodically self-check the circuit, gas circuit and various consumables, and generate self-check reports for engineers to maintain, so as to ensure the lowest failure rate of the instrument.

  According to the analysis purpose and target composition, 4 kinds of injection units and 5 kinds of detectors can be selected. To satisfy complex sample analysis, the host can be equipped with 3 injection ports and 4 detectors. The unit addition method allows the host to easily add various options such as sampling unit, detector, autosampler, etc. after purchase.

  Stability: Under normal conditions, after the instrument and the copper lamp are warmed up for half an hour, the baseline stability of the copper spectrum line 324.7nm is measured under the non-ignition state. 30 minutes drift ≤0.004 absorbance

  Typical element determination: flame method, 5mg/L Cu absorbance is greater than 0.800A

  Graphite furnace method sensitivity: Cu1×10-11g (characteristic quantity)

  Precision: (Relative Standard Deviation): ≤1%; ≤3% (Cu graphite furnace test)

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