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Gas chromatograph GC-2010

Gas chromatograph GC-2010

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  Model: GC-2010

  Place of Origin: Japan (Shimadzu)


  A new generation of AFC (advanced flow controller) design is adopted to make the carrier gas control more accurate and achieve excellent reproducibility of retention time, peak area and peak height.

  All the detectors of GC-2010 are redesigned to meet the requirements of miniaturization and high sensitivity, which can meet the requirements of rapid analysis. Among them, the FPD (Flame Photometric Detector) adopts a new specular total light reflection system and condenser lens to achieve ultra-high sensitivity.

  The new generation of AFC enables GC-2010 to meet the demanding requirements of high column head pressure (970kPa) and high carrier gas flow rate (1200mL/min) required for rapid analysis under standard configuration, so that the host can be used without any accessories 0.1mm, even 0.05mm narrow-bore fast analytical column.

  The detector data collection rate of the workstation GCsolution is as high as 250Hz (4msec), which ensures the accuracy and completeness of the data during rapid analysis.

  The column thermostat can reach the fastest heating rate of 250°C/min, speed up the flow of analysis, meet the heating requirements required for rapid analysis, and facilitate users to age the chromatographic column.

  The large LCD display and powerful help function of the main unit make the operation easier and more intuitive. Including all the parameters of the injection port, column thermostat, and detector, the heating program and the chromatogram obtained in real time are displayed in front of the user at a glance.

  The host's abundant self-diagnosis function can periodically self-check the circuit, gas circuit and various consumables, and generate self-check reports for engineers to maintain, so as to ensure the lowest failure rate of the instrument.

  The carrier gas control adopts the carrier gas linear velocity control scheme that is related to the separation performance-Shimadzu's patented "carrier gas constant linear velocity control method", which can obtain the optimal separation conditions in the shortest time.

  In order to satisfy complex sample analysis, the host can be equipped with 3 sample inlets and 4 detectors, which saves the trouble of disassembling and replacing detectors. Use GCsolution to detect 4 kinds of detectors simultaneously.

  Two AOC-20i and AOC-20s can be combined to form a dual injection system. Simultaneous injection of two streams, simultaneous detection of dual detectors. The sample processing book is doubled and the efficiency is greatly improved, which fully meets the requirements of NY/T 761-2004.

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