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Digital software use (3)

Digital software use (3)

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Product description

  6. Description of other buttons in the toolbar

  1. Snapshot

  When snapshot sampling is selected as the sampling method of the experiment, this function key can be used during the experiment; please refer to the experiment manual for the specific usage method;

  2. Calibration

  After clicking "", click the "Calibrate" button to zero all experimental data;

  3. Statistics

  Statistics refers to the statistical calculation and drawing of data sampled multiple times. Analysis methods include: average, maximum, minimum, and total.

  If there are multiple data columns, click on different data columns with the mouse to switch to display different analysis curves in the window on the right.


  4. Recalculate

  This function will be used in some specific experiments; please refer to the experiment manual for specific usage methods

  5. Calibration

  It is used to calibrate some biochemical sensors. For detailed usage, please refer to "Instructions for Calibration of Biochemical Sensors" in this manual

  6. Experimental guidance report

  The report window is used to display experiment instructions or other various description files, and you can edit the experiment report and other documents here. The document format only supports RTF format documents. On the menu, you can choose to open an existing RTF file, or save the currently edited RTF file to a folder. Click the read-only button to switch between read-only/edit status. The editing content in the current window will be included in the template file when the data or template is saved.


  7. Video

  After opening the video window, you can play video files or Flash files. When saving the template or data, the video file will not be included in the template file, but only the absolute path file name of the video or Flash file will be saved. Therefore, it is recommended to copy the video file or Flash file to the same folder as the template file .


  8. Screenshot

  After clicking this button, you can pull out a selection box in the software interface to select the area that needs to be saved. After selection, you can save this area as a picture format to any disk on the computer;

  Seven, window arrangement

  The system provides methods to automatically arrange multiple windows, including stacking, horizontal arrangement and vertical arrangement.


  8. Replay

  The system supports the replay sampling process of the collected data, select Tools -> Replay menu, the replay control dialog box will pop up. You can select different sampling times to replay, and you can replay the sampling process once. The playback rate can be selected by dragging the control bar. The range of the rate is: 1/4, 1/2, 1 times, 2 times, 4 times of the original rate.

  During the playback process, the graphics window will redraw the data points of the current sampling; the table window will highlight the collected data according to the sampling rate; the instrument, thermometer, and digital windows can display the current collected data according to the playback process . The sensor observation window will not replay the sampling process.

  The replay window adopts a semi-transparent design, so that it will not affect the observation of the blocked part of the graphics data.


  Nine, help

  1. Content

  Display the help of this system, search keywords through the default search engine, or link to the official homepage of this system to get the latest information.



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